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Top 10 Meditation Retreats in Dubai

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Meditation retreats are life-changing experiences that provide the opportunity to rediscover yourself, become attuned with your spiritual self, and to realign your chakras.

People from all over the world turn to Dubai to experience the best meditation retreats, for stress relief, pain alleviation, or simply in search of a spiritual connection.

Finding the best meditation centers in Dubai is key to ensuring that you have a fulfilling and comfortable experience. So, to help you out, we have listed the top 10 meditation retreats in Dubai that will change your life as you know it!

Hub of Consciousness - Meditation & Healing Center

1. Hub of Consciousness

Hub of Consciousness is a leading meditation center in Dubai, founded by Deepa Arora, a Sufi, mystic healer and consciousness coach in Dubai. It offers the largest range of spiritual healing services and retreats in Dubai, from classical awakening yoga, PSYCH-K, Angel Reiki, hypnotherapy, and more! Deepa is dedicated to creating an environment that facilitates prime spiritual healing, which is why its retreats are the best in the Emirates. Check out the Hub of Consciousness to find the latest upcoming retreats.
Website: https://www.hubofconsciousness.com/

2. Illuminations Wellbeing Center

Illuminations is a top-rated wellbeing platform for Holistic Healing, Mental Well-Being & Personal Growth. Illuminations organizes spiritual healing & wellness retreats in exotic and breathtaking destinations all around the world. In fact, this meditation center was awarded the Winners of the 2017 Travel & Hospitality Awards, London for Bespoke Wellness Retreat Experiences. This is a great retreat for people who have a passion for travel and healing.

3. The Retreat Palm Dubai

The Retreat Palm Dubai is the first 5-star family-friendly wellness resort in the region. It offers a bespoke wellbeing experience that caters to families, and even welcomes children. This is a great option if you are seeking a spiritual healing vacation, without being away from the family.

4. Karma Guru Academy

Karma Guru Academy offers meditation retreats for true seekers looking for experiences of deep meditation, healing, emotional cleansing and activation of chakras. With locations in India, Hungary, and Dubai, the Karma Guru Academy in Dubai, in the SKITA Meditation Center, promises a one of a kind healing experience.

5. Miracles Wellbeing & Self-Empowerment Center

Miracles Wellbeing & Self-Empowerment Center is another great meditation center in Dubai. It offers a wide range of services, as well as group sessions and workshops that are designed to relieve stress and facilitate holistic healing. There are plenty of classes available to learn self-healing techniques as well as various workshops and meditations.

6. Shiva Shakti Yoga Studio

Shiva Shakti Yoga Studio, established in 2013, is a state of the art yoga studio that offers several meditative and yoga retreats. From one day retreats to 300 hour yoga training retreats, you can surely find a retreat at Shiva Shakti that meets your healing requirements and time.

7. House of OM

House of OM is a conscious community and holistic resort and retreat center in Dubai. It offers plenty of diverse yoga and spiritual healing resorts and retreats at affordable prices and great packages. Retreats offer a variety of yoga styles, including Hatha, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa.

8.  Home of Wellness

Home of Wellness offers a wide range of meditation sessions, from mindfulness meditation to sleep meditation, and even kundalini meditation. It often offers events and retreats for spiritual healing and wellness. This wellness center claims to provide an opportunity for one to completely surrender and let go of all limitations, in every aspect of life.

9.  Lotus Yoga Dubai

Lotus Yoga is a holistic yoga center that offers classes for everyone, regardless of skill level and experience. There are many retreats and workshops to choose from, including weekly classes that are catered to every individual. You can be sure to find a meditation workshop or retreat that meets your unique healing requirements.

10. Mindful Me

Mindful Me is a great option for those looking for a peaceful environment to relax and rejuvenate. There are plenty of retreats available, including weekend wellness retreats to stunning regional and international destinations. Here you can find the right healing services to meet your skill level, whether you are a first timer or a meditation pro.

As you can see, Dubai offers a huge variety of options when it comes to choosing the best mediation retreats and resorts. You can surely find the perfect meditation centers in Dubai to kickstart your spiritual healing journey and enhance your overall wellbeing.

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