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How to Get the Perfect Smile?

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If you’re struggling with achieving the perfect smile, your teeth aren’t the only problem. Yellowed teeth, receding gums, and chapped lips can be just a few of the reasons why your smile isn’t perfect.

This sensitive area is one that demands a fix, luckily dentistry has evolved to the point where the color of your teeth can be selected off a chart, along with some fixes we bet you didn’t even know existed.

Here’s our complete guide to getting the perfect smile. Whether you’ve got “horse teeth,” a “gummy smile,” or just want to get rid of coffee stains.

1. Yellow or Stained Teeth

It’s no secret, that the most thing people want to fix about their smile is whitening stained teeth. But, note that certain types of stains respond better to whitening than others. If as a result of smoking, or drinking coffee or wine, your teeth are yellowed, then you’re likely to see results. For everything else, see the next section.

 2. Gray Teeth

Some teeth stains don’t respond to whitening treatments, even when done by a dentist. Here, the only way to fix it might be through a crown or veneers. Consider them an investment as they can run you about $2,000 per tooth, so it’s very important to do them at a reputed and very experienced dental implant clinic. To avoid ending up with weirdly contoured teeth.

3. High Lip Line

If your smile is described as “gummy”, you have a high lip line. Your lip lifts a lot so when you smile, there’s an unequal show of gum tissue versus actual teeth. To fix this, you might have to get Botox on each side of your upper lip, so it’s no longer elevated as much. Consult your doctor or dentist if you’re considering this.

4. Missing Tooth

For some people, as they grew up, their canine teeth didn’t come in. For others, it was an accident where they lost a tooth. In either case, if there’s enough space, an implant can be created to fill the missing tooth.

5. Chapped Lips

Nothing undoes the benefits of your expensive dental work than dry, cracked, chapped lips. Unfortunately, just slathering on lip balm doesn’t address the core problem which is easy enough to fix by exfoliating. Try sugar mixed with a little olive oil to get rid of dead skin and moisturize with lip balms and chapsticks.

We all want to have the perfect smile, anything less and we’re faced with insecurities and discomfort. Get your appointment with a dentist to achieve your perfect Hollywood smile.

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