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How To Get 8 Pack Abs: Home Workout No Equipment

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A lot of people would say that you need to go to the gym to have a firm eight pack abs, even your neighbours would say the same. You look at a guy with a six pack, and you will think that he has being training for seven years in a gym.

That is a way of thinking is very wrong, and it is out of accuracy! No gym will do you good if you have a wrong set of mind.

Even if you are convinced to workout at home, you will think that you need an equipment to get results. Well, think again! You don’t need even to buy an equipment to get six or eight pack abs.

I am going to prove to you on this blog, how to have eight pack at home workout no equipment.

You’ll be amazed how it’s been possible and how you’ve done it that simple, a routine that I’m going to give you that I did for myself to get eight pack abs.

Yes you heard me! It worked with me because I’m sure it is going to work for you the same, if you only follow my routine to get yourself a great results like I had.

This is my real life picture back in days, when i have done home workout no equipment, this eight pack i got a results from hard work and dedication, following routine that work, getting hard core till they shredded.

Total dedication and you must know that it needs a lot of effort, not money nor equipment nothing but a good set of mind and persistence of doing the routine accordingly.

Do as i did and you will succeed in the end..

If you are ready to get results then bare with me, i will show you in minute, the routine for home workout no equipment, which will transform your belly to shredded abs.



You must know that your body already got abs built-in, and the only  thing stands between it and the outer skin is a layer of fat, which covers up your abs.

As any muscle in the human body abs will pump up, if you lift some weight against it, called muscles contraction that will firm after heating them up with heavy movement.

Most of us will have a flat abs under the skin, so need pumping for its muscles which means, you need to lift weights for abs muscles, that do not usually carried out by abs to make the contraction occurs.

Wondering if you are going to use dumbbells! Don’t worry, you still don’t need them to gain ab muscles, all you need your legs, arms, and upper parts of your body since they weigh a percentage of your total body.


During pumping phase you have to regain loss made by exercises, abs will need muscle recruitment, and particles in food will do the job for you.

For that said you need a nutrition plan for that, a good amount of protein and good amount of carbs, and a good amount of vitamins. Avoid eating fatty type of food, because you don’t need them when you want to build a shredded abs.

Food to avoid

Junky food like cola, beer, chocolate..etc. They are very poisonous and they held a great danger for your health, also they effect your body shape, because they break into fats which you don’t need.

Food you must eat List

Protein : meats – Chicken breast, beef, pork, lamb. Eggs, yogurt, milk, nuts, beans, legumes and lentils.

Carbs : Oats, milk, yogurt, legumes, potato ( and all vegetables )

Vitamins C: Curtis fruits, potatoes, broccoli, bell, peppers, spinach.

Vitamins A: beef, liver, eggs, shrimp, fish, fortified milk, carrots.

Vitamins D: cereals.

Vitamins E: vegetables oils, leafy green, whole grains, nuts.

Vitamins K: Cabbage, eggs, milk, kale.



Calcium: yogurt, cheese, salmon.

Chloride: salt.

Magnesium: spinach, seeds, grains.

Potassium: fruits, grains, legumes.

Sodium: salt, soy sauce.

Chromium: poultry, fish, nuts.

Copper: shellfish, nuts, seed.


Deformation of the human structure is very affective to the shape of the abs, there’s a different type of abs that differ from person to person, but not necessarily by genres only sizes and biometric aspects.

Due to the size or due to the other formation, some will have abs look like squeezed, and some very long but small dots, some will have them look very wide.

That could be because the other muscles erection.

You must know that building abs is for someone have very flat muscles, some of them will already own a pumped up abs, they only need to lean their body to clear the fats.


Every workout routine will need to have a changing of eating habit, your timing habit. You have to add time that need to be committed to as a workout time.

You cannot mix the usual routine you have with the routine that will change your life, if you compare someone with a good shape with someone with bad shape, you would see that their  life habits are totally different.

Usually people with good shape who are people that are very active, and like to do active stuff for fun, and they do more outdoor activities than anyone else. Lazy people who are the ones like to sit around and watch movies, they probably like to sit often, and play more video games or watch more movies that is their logic of fun.


“you sleep a lot you gain a lot”


In some cases like if you want to gain muscles, you will be recommended that you sleep after you eat a meal but if you like to get lean, it would be highly relevant to stay active, even if you eat again for let a better rest, then you start to do more activities more cardio more exercises or physical games like sport.

When you start a routine that will change your life, you need to have more active things to do like joining a club to play a sport with friends, and look around for people like to do outdoor activities, and do these activities with them like playing football for example, doing things for fun make it much easier for you.


“We human hate to do something for a task, but we love to do something for fun”


That’s why you need to change your habit, which will change the way of seeing things as fun or task, if you managed to change how you think which activities more fun than other things, it will assist your effort and feelings toward Body training.

Physical and outdoor activities

  • Play a sport by joining a club.
  • Go for outdoor with friends like going to walk on mountains.
  • Swimming when beach time comes.
  • Join a marathon.
  • Go for walk every morning to do shopping in store that is far away from your home.


Your abs are divided into four main muscles groups, which are upper abs, Middle abs, lower abs and the oblique.

Here are exercises for gain phase to pump muscles, note that you can find these exercises online by typing the name:


⁃ crunches

⁃ High arm crunches

⁃ Semi setups

⁃ Side to side crunch

⁃ Pitch crunches



⁃ sit ups

⁃ High arm sit ups 

⁃ Sit up leg rise

⁃ Side to side sit ups

⁃ Pitch sit up



⁃ leg raise

⁃ Leg lift

⁃ flutter legs

⁃ Leg kicks in/back

⁃ sit L leg rises



⁃ side rise plank

⁃ Sitting leg rise punches

⁃ V ups

⁃ Toe tap

⁃ Elbow side crunch


⁃ running in place

⁃ Jacks jump

⁃ push up and stand jump

⁃ Boxing and kicking

⁃ Knee to elbow

⁃ Dead bug 

⁃ Mountain climbers


As mentioning above That the routine will be divided into two phases, which are building phase and then leaning phase throughout the whole month, you’ll be dividing the month routine in two weeks for each phase.

So here is the routine for home workout no equipment, to get the eight pack abs that you always dream for:

Week 1 – 2 : Growing phase

Day 1 _ Upper Abs

Day 2 _ Middle Abs

Day 3 _ Lower Abs

Day 4 _ Oblique

Day 5 _ Lower Abs

Day 6 _ Upper & Middle Abs

Day 7 _ Oblique

Week 3 – 4 : Leaning phase

Day 1 _ Cardio

Day 2 _ Upper Abs

Day 3 _ Cardio

Day 4 _ Lower Abs

Day 5 _ Cardio

Day 6 _ Middle Abs & Oblique

Day 7 _ Cardio

As you can see the first week you going to bulk up abs, and then in the next two weeks you’ll mix the cardio with the lifting exercises.

That is why i call it 5×5 you will do 5 exercises, to build muscles with 25 rips each. In the last two weeks you will be ready to do even more. For cardio you will do 5 minutes each exercise.

Diary for the routine

Breakfast meal: 30% Protein 60% Carbs 10% vitamins.

Snacks: 60% Protein 20% vitamins 20% minerals.

Lunch meal: 50% Protein 30% Carbs 20% vitamins.

Snacks: 10% Protein 50% vitamins 40% Carbs.

Dinner meal: 30% Protein 20% Carbs 30% minerals 10% minerals.



Wilson creatives owned by Scott Wilson a Copywriter, with 15 years experience in writing for fitness, food, lifestyle, health and even more you can look for him on his website.

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