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Fitness Tips | 5 Best Cardio Workout for a Healthy Heart

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The human heart is the main blood circulation center and it is made up of muscles and it becomes stronger and healthier if you live an active life. Being physically active is the most effective step for a healthy heart. It’s one of the major and effective tools to make your muscles strong and powerful, keeping your body weight in control; protect your heart from artery dysfunction, inadequate blood circulation due to high cholesterol, blood pressure and high blood sugar levels.

If your heart does not work in proper and healthy conditions you may suffer from various difficulties like inappropriate blood supply, high blood pressure, stroke, etc. So to keep your heart active and healthy, there are lots of cardio workouts that play an important role in keeping the heart in good condition and make it stronger than before.


Circular Training

Any kind of movement is better than sitting stagnant for a longer period time and that makes your heart work more effectively. Circular training is one of the best cardio exercises that improve your heart’s fitness. This simple training involves stretching of muscles that ultimately stretch arteries and make them elastic so that it pumps and supply more blood. According to the fitness trainer” FOX”: When you work out every day with high-intensity blood starts to pump on a large number and that challenges the flexibility of the arterial wall. You just need to stretch your lower and upper body muscles alternatively and then take a rest period for 5 minutes and then again repeat 3 sets of this exercise at least.


Swimming is a low impact work out that directly works on your heart and lungs. It is the most effective and easy workout that tone your overall body as well. What you need to do is perform front crawl and legs only with a wave board and then back creep and breaststroke.

Staircase Exercise

Using a staircase is a very useful cardio exercise. It includes walking stairs upward and downward at your own home. This cardio exercise not only works on your heart but is also work on your entire body. Perform at least one set of up and down walking at a time. Take a rest and then repeat the procedure. Make sure you must have a handle with stairs for safety and to keep your body in a balanced state.

Weight training

Weight training is significant for people with heart disease. Building the other muscles in your body will help out your heart. Weight training will help out you put up muscle mass and burn up fat. Some of the mainly efficient weight training includes using your body weight. Things similar to push-ups, squats, or even pull-ups all help out you construct muscle and add to bone and heart health.


According to an extensive study done by the British Medical Association, regular cycling can considerably decrease the dangerous heart disease like high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack. Jumping on your bike can accomplish more than just obtain you from one place to a different. It makes use of your large muscles in your legs, which helps to raise your heart rate.

Bonus: Cycling has even been revealed to get better your mental health as well.

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