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World’s Best Offshore Location Comparison

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Offshore companies are this era’s most popular form of company registration methods. With the rising stakes around world, volatile political and financial conditions in various countries, the need for reliable and legal asset protection tool has become imperative to a business owner in any part of the world. Offshore companies are business solutions offered by business setup consultants that help investors protect their investments and maintain 100% confidentiality of their identity and operations.

While many of these benefits are awarded by specific zones, the government of host country allows companies several leverages that are unlike to ordinary set ups. This includes integrated bank accounts, foreign currency exchange freedom and exemption from annual audit reports.

To find a good offshore location to set up your company, we have listed the best countries/cities where your assets can be protected from creditors and repo organizations from around the world.


One of the largest and ever expanding hub of corporate services is Panama, a city of Mexico. A strong banking sector, die hard secrecy and fast affordable incorporation is why 1 of 5 offshore business setups choose panama as their destination.


With a bank score of 4 and FSI score of 15, Lebanon lists a strong contender in the league of best offshore companies for investors. There is an estimated of US$175 billion savings in Lebanese banks which amounts to 400% of Lebanon’s GDP.


Delaware and Nevada are the two of America’s richest offshore zones, bending their banking laws to ensure foreign capital pours indiscriminately. Although most Americans cannot benefit from shell companies, that doesn’t mean foreigners can’t.


Aside from sitting on massive oil reserves, UAE also contributes a striking percentage of GDP from its business sector. From a bank score of 6 and FSI score of 14, Dubai offshore company costs are the least offered in the word with secure and sound packages for every class of business can afford.


From icy alps to its breathtaking flora, Switzerland is more than just a tourist destination. Switzerland scores in top 3 spots in the world attributing to its impervious secrecy laws and gold assets. Many powerful creditors have tried and failed just to get a glimpse of it.

Hong Kong

Even after reverting to chinses control, Honk Kong still reigns as the world’s crown offshore location. The Chinese government has ensured everything remains as it is with even powerful laws and counter measures to protect investor’s interests.


Singapore is a natural rival to all offshore zones around the world. With presence of trustworthy banks, no currency exchange limits combined by jaw dropping infrastructure, this island is a force no creditor or court can reckon with.

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