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The Role of Digital Marketing in Online Business Growth

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Rapid technological innovations in this generation are changing our lives as we know it. In particular, businesses are being transformed for the better, thanks to digital revolutions. From electronic supply chain management systems to efficient financial software, every business department is benefitting from digitalization. Marketing is no different.

Digital marketing has become an integral part of every business for effective online business growth. Large corporations have already hopped on the digital marketing trend, and even small and medium enterprises are following closely behind.

In short, digital marketing strategies should be an intrinsic part of your business growth strategies. Here are some major roles of online marketing for business growth strategies:

1.    Integrated Marketing Communication

Integrated marketing communication, or IMC, is a concept whereby all promotional and marketing tools implemented by a business should send a consistent and clear message. This delivers a seamless message to consumers, thereby strengthening your businesses’ brand image. For example, the theme and message that is delivered through your print advertisements should be cohesive with your personal relation campaigns, and so on.

So where does digital marketing come into all this? It is a powerful tool that reinforces the uniform message delivered by your IMC. In fact, it is often considered to be the “glue” that holds the rest of the marketing activities in your IMC together. When used effectively, the use of online marketing in your IMC strategy will lead to positive business growth.

2.    Interactive Communication

Previously, most marketing and advertising efforts focused on one-way communication. That is, businesses would deliver their message to consumers via television, bill boards, or print media, and consumers would have no way of responding to the message.

This is no longer the case. Consumers have gained a voice with the help of social media. To that end, businesses are realizing now more than ever the importance of two-way communication with consumers. Therefore, digital marketing provides a medium for interactive communication between your business and consumers, thereby building customer loyalty and promoting business growth.

3.     Target Consumers

With online marketing, you have the ability to target your customers like never before. While traditional advertisement mediums such as television commercials and billboards are able to reach a huge number of people, it does not pinpoint your target customers. As a result, majority of people who view the advertisements are unaffected. This leads to low return on investment (ROI) and hence low business growth.

On the other hand, digital marketing allows you to directly tap into your target market. Whether by setting specific demographics for boosting, through search engine optimization, or email marketing, digital marketing has a unique way of targeting marketing efforts towards your relevant potential customers. This way, your marketing efforts are more effective in promoting ROI and business growth.

4.    Multiple Touchpoints

Digital marketing strategies generally integrate several online platforms, thereby delivering your business’ message via multiple touchpoints. Simply put, the same marketing message delivered to customers on Facebook is also available on Instagram, Twitter, email, your personal blog, and many other digital media touchpoints.

This broadens the reach of your marketing campaigns. Rather than the message being available on a billboard on a certain busy intersection, your consumer will be exposed to your brand on every social media or digital platform that they visit. This increases attention and awareness of your brand, and also provides multiple opportunities for interactive communication. In addition, it gives you multiple opportunities to present your customers with a call-to-action.

These are just a few of the major roles that digital marketing plays in overall business growth strategies. A strong digital marketing agency can help you develop and execute the most effective online marketing strategy for maximum return on investment and business growth.

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