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How to Build Your Makeup Collection?

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Introducing makeup to your routine can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you really have no idea which ones are necessary, and which ones should be left behind. To help make this process somewhat easier, we’ve put together a guide that will enable you build your makeup collection easily.

Makeup Base How to Build Your Makeup Collection

1. Base

A BB cream, CC cream, tinted moisturizer or liquid foundation will be more than enough for users with perfect skin, or those who desire a little more coverage. When picking out liquid foundation, go for the ones with a satin or dewy finish as opposed to a matte finish, it may feel too heavy to a first-time makeup user.

Concealers How to Build Your Makeup Collection

2. Concealer 

Concealer is another important feature in any makeup bag. They’re great for blemishes, redness, covering up dark circles and are usually very affordable.

3. Blush

Applying blush to the cheeks is just as important, as it adds color and dimension to your face without looking too made up. A cream blush is the best for beginners as it’s easily applied with just a simple pat on the cheeks using your fingertips.

4. Eyes

One eye shadow palette, one eyeliner, a mascara, and one brow product are all you really need, as they provide a range of subtle shades, as well as a couple of darker colors for shaping the eyes. Use either a brown or black eye pencil to define the lash line, mascara for opening up the eyes and a clear brow gel for setting the brows with ease.

5. Lips

We recommend a nude lipstick, a bright lipstick, and a sheer gloss to include in your collection. As the seasons change, you can include new lip products to the collection have fun testing and playing with different shades to find the right ones for you.

Makeup toolkit

6. Makup Tools

We recommend a nude lipstick, a bright lipstick, and a sheer gloss to The tools you need to start your collection include a large eyeshadow, a makeup brush, a small crease brush, a small liner brush, and a powder brush. Try not to get too many brushes and tools, as it will start to get confusing.

It’s important to note that when it comes to foundation and concealer shades, they look best if they’re properly matched on the person who will be using them. Eyeshadows, blush, liners, lipsticks, and mascara can be purchased as gifts for friends and family, add in a few brushes and you’re well on your way to building a makeup collection.

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